Dr. SaKong is the chairman and chief executive officer and creator of the IGE (Institute of Global Economics). IGE is a nonprofit private research institute based in Seoul the capital of South Korea since 1993. In 1964, he graduated from Seoul National University and from the University of California, Los Angeles he obtained both MBA and Ph.D.. In the year 1969-73, Dr. SaKong worked as a professor of economics at the University of New York. At the moment, he is the adviser of JoongAng Media Group.

First, to present forums for leaders and global thinkers from different areas such as politics, government, journalism, academia, and business to talk about key international issues and their insinuation for the planet and Korea particularly. Second, to implement research on major international security and economic issues so as to assist frame business plans and government policies. The Institution research activities are mainly carried by people drawn from the Korean research and academic community.

The site"Sakong" is a special website dedicated to relaying information about veteran economist Dr. SaKong and his company. An individual can find informative articles on the site. There is a registration newsletter also if readers wish to subscribe. At the Moment, Dr. SaKong is the advisor of JoongAng Media Group. The business owns JoongAng Ilbo which is among the major Korean Daily and JTBC as well, which will be his brother's TV station. He's a recipient of numerous awards and he's also a former Finance Minister for the Republic of Korea. To find further details on this please check out sakong

Dr. SaKong although place the impression that he was voluntarily resigning, the industry insiders are extremely much sure that the veteran economist did not wished to leave the post. Get more info on Dr. SaKong and his institute IGE on the site. All posts on the site are linked to economics, trade, summit on several different grounds etc.. There are January, February, and March archives. Start looking for any articles or post according to this month. Dr. SaKong besides being a veteran economist is a writer too and he wrote five novels mainly concentrating on the Korean market.

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